Monday, May 5, 2008

Blog Advertising - Resources

I've had some recent discussion on this and other work at home forums where people are not sure how to make money from their informational blog or website. There are TONS of ways to make money. Here are some to get you started:

In Post Product Reviews - You can make money by reviewing products in your posts, but you want to be careful your blog isn't taken over by advertisements and not have any good content. and Review Me are examples of sites that will pay for reviews.

Affiliate programs - I choose ones with programs I think will appeal to my readers, are pertinent to the topic of my blog, and pay well. It's hard to know the reputation of a company if you've never used them but I don't think there is much expectation of personal endorsement from an ad in the margins of a blog or website. There is more expectation of personal endorsement if you are reviewing a product in a blog post. You can sign up for affiliate programs through individual websites, but I find that can get burdensome to keep track of. I like the affiliate malls like Click Bank and, even more so, Commission Junction.

Direct Sales - if you are a rep for a direct sales company you "might" be able to put ads for that on your blog and get paying customers. Here are few direct sales companies that are cheap to sign up with and allow internet advertising:
Mineral Girlz
Sample Gal
Critter Snackz

Content Friendly Pay per Click ads - these are Google adsense but other companies offer similar ad programs. is one such company.

Product Ads - Product ads would include Amazon ads and similar offerings like

Blog Advertising Networks - just more ads, but hand picked and targeted for your blog. Examples:,

RSS Advertising - Your blog should have an RSS feed. If it doesn't go to and get one for free. You can then put ads in your feed. Adsense works with RSS and so does

In-Text Content advertising - this is when key words and phrases in your post are automaticly linked to related ads. is one company that offers this.

Job ads -,

If you need to see examples, many of these forms of advertising can be found in my Work at Home Center and Blog Guide blogs. - You can configure this tool to have google ads in the pop up box.

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