Friday, April 25, 2008

Removing Blogger’s Block

Your typing along in your blog just fine, when one day, nothing. You have run out of ideas to write about. You can not just write nothing, what would happen to your loyal readers, your coveted search engine ranking, your advertising revenue?

Never fear, inspiration is here!

Trigger ideas to write about hot topics by visiting Twiigs ( Twiigs is a survey site. People can go to Twiigs and set up their own survey, participate in other surveys, or just find out what people are thinking about. This resource can be valuable to in two ways. The first is to create your own survey about a potential topic idea and find out what people think about it. The second is to find out what others are talking about and interested in to trigger new post ideas.

For even more targeted ideas about what your readers want to read about, ask them directly. Skribit ( offers a free tool to put on your blog that allows your readers to request more information about various topics. With this tool, you will never again be left wondering if anyone cares to read about what you write.

Finally, the icing on the cake, is Zemanta ( Zemanta is a tool that assesses your post as you write it and provides suggestions on images, links and tags that you can add to enhance your writing. Get instant research on your topic with links to similar articles, use these articles for additional information and ideas when you get stuck half way through your post.

Never create sub-par, boring, or worse, non-existent posts again.

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