Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Smart Links

Smart Links brings power to ordinary links. When you place a link on your website or blog, someone can click on the link and they are taken directly to the page you linked to. Effective but boring. By placing a simple line of code into your site, Smart Links will analyze your links add a small icon next to each one which will pop up a box with added content and usability. With Smart Links, you can instantly connect your readers to related information: book reviews, similar movies, stock research, music videos. Readers will also get previews for each link - whether it's a book, movie, music album, and more - automatically get thumbnail images, descriptions and ratings. No only does Smart Links add content and value to your website, it is also another way to monetize. During set up, Smart Links allows you to ad your affiliate ids for networks like Amazon, Commission Junction, eBay, and more. Then when links to these affiliates are shown, you get credited to your accounts.

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