Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blogs Comments Equal Blog Traffic

By Craig Andrews

How valuable are links in blog comments? Let it be known that all links have value and one should never underestimate what a strategically placed link can offer. Yet, many people seem invest significant money in search engine optimization techniques but ignore some very simple techniques and methods that can greatly boost traffic to a site. Commenting on blogs and leaving links to your own site can prove to be very reliable methods for building traffic.

The blog comments section of a blog are designed to provide feedback to the blogger as well as provide further reading enjoyment to those who frequent the blog. This creates a great opportunity for you to build traffic for your blog. If you has a blog that was related to the entertainment business, for example, you are also probably a reader of entertainment related blogs. Simply frequent those similar blogs that have a great deal of traffic and start leaving blog comments. Within the blog comments, you should leave a link to your own blog. From this, some of the readers of this very popular blog will find their way to your blog and, hopefully, become regular readers of your work as well.

Keep in mind, some bloggers may not like people to leave comments on their blog with links attached. They may end up deleting your entries and links. If this happens don't sweat it. Just shrug your shoulders and move on to the next blog. If you do wish to reduce the odds of your blog comments (and links) being deleted it is best to avoid spamming the blog with links and no content to the comments. Seriously, there are those who place nothing in the comments section other than the link! This is a great way to find your comment deleted. Instead, write excellent, well thought out comments and you will find your presence on the blog being more welcome.

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