Saturday, July 5, 2008

Youtube and Promoting Your Blog

By Craig Andrews
To say Youtube has become popular in recent years would be the understatement of the century. Who would have thought an online collection of audio and video clips would literally revolutionize the way we view the internet? Yes, YouTube remains a symbol of old fashioned creative thinking and entrepreneurial thought at its best. Now, while YouTube provides a great resource for entertainment it is also a fine source for information and promotion as well. In fact, YouTube could provide an excellent method of driving traffic to your blog.
One method of promoting your blog via YouTube would be to upload clips of video related to your blog's subject matter. For example, if you operate a cooking blog, a fun short clip of you cooking something could be posted on Youtube. This way when people search for "cooking" on YouTube they may discover your clip and then, in turn, discover your blog. How do they discover your blog via the clip? You add your blog's URL as a graphic to the Youtube clip.
One mistake people make when using video clips to promote a blog address, however, is that they wait until the end of the video clip to bring up the graphic with the blog's URL. This is a mistake becomes sometimes people don't make it to the end. Because of this it is much better idea to have a "slag" of the URL written as a signature in at the bottom of the frame so that people know that the video is sponsored by a particular blog if they wish to learn more about the blog to visit the prominently displayed URL.
Now, some people may wonder what they can do if they do not have skills in creating video? Another method would be to read the text from a blog entry to a particular moving image or still picture or series of still pictures. Many Youtube clips are audio only and virtually all computers come with a function for recording audio as an MP3 file, It is suggested that the person reading the entry has somewhat of a "radio voice" as delivery is everything in such a promotional attempt. A droning or dull voice will drive people away rather quickly. But, a well read audio clip may drive a ton of traffic to your blog!
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