Monday, August 20, 2007

Read Other Blogs To Improve Your Blog

By Craig Andrews

Bloggers, both old and new, are always looking for ways to continually improve their blogs. One of the simplest ways to improve your blog is to read other blogs.

How is reading other peoples blogs going to help you improve your blog? Just read this article and I will explain how this will happen.

Reading other peoples blogs will help you by giving you ideas to use on your own blog. I am not endorsing you go and steal content from somebody's blog, no not at all. What I am suggesting is to look and see what they do to make their blog so popular.

For instance, preceding every post they place a blurb for readers to sign up for their RSS feed. Wow! what a brilliant idea you think to yourself and then you incorporate that to your blog. That is an example of how to improve your your blog by reading another blog.

Reading other blogs will also give you ideas to write about or give you insight to a trend that is developing in your niche. You can also find ways to make your blog look better, like a combination of colors that make the page easier to look at or a type font that is easy to read. It will also make you want to be like them, successful!

Now, don't just read all of the good blogs. Take time to read some of the bad blogs too. What this will do is instill in you the importance of doing things correctly. A big no-no bloggers do is forget to spell check in their rush to get the post out. This, along with other mistakes(you will know when you see them), will become self evident when you read some bad blogs and they will guide you to be perfect.

I hope that this article has shown you the importance of learning and reading other blogs, both good and bad. So set aside twenty to thirty minutes a day to do this and soon you will be improving your own blog and setting the standard for others.

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