Monday, August 13, 2007

Secrets to a Reader Friendly Blog

By Craig Andrews

You don't have to be a professional novelist or an English major to be a blogger. In fact some of the better blogs are from just regular Joes, like you, as they relate to others better than the trained writer. If you have average writing skills then you should be able to create a very reader friendly blog.

Blog entries tend to be better when they are short and to the point because most of your readers give each of the blogs they read, and some have hundreds, a short time before they go on to the next. So to attract that reader to stay and read all of your posts and come back, you need to make your blog read friendly for them.

It is not that hard to do and will become second nature after a while. The following tips will help you accomplish this task and reward you with a happy audience.

Create Catchy Headlines - This is the first thing the reader sees, therefore you need it to leap out and grab the readers attention and make them want to read the whole post. Just don't over do it and stretch the truth to get the readers to read the post.

Be Up Front - Right from the beginning of the post, tell your readers what the rest of the post is about. Don't make them read ahead to see what the post is about.

Help Save The Eyes - Reading on computer screens can be made easier by making lots of white space with the proper contrast and a large enough font to be pleasant on the eyes of your readers.

Break Your Post Up - Outline the post by using bold headlines and bullet points throughout the post. This gives the reader a guide to follow as they read.

Picture This - While all content may not be suitable for pictures, they do help bring a flair to your blog. Add more pizazz by using your own drawings or pictures.

Talk to Your Readers - You want to write to your readers just like you were talking to them. The writing style should be relaxed and conversational.

Spelling and Grammar - Most blogging programs now have spell check and grammar check. Use them. You and your readers will be thankful.

Don't Run Out of Bullets - Use bullet points and lists whenever possible. A reader will be more apt to finish a post of yours if they do not have to struggle through it.

It's the Readers Blog Too - So let them share their thoughts and comments by allowing comments after each post.

These tips should make your blog more reader friendly and promote it at the same time. You will be rewarded ten-fold later for taking the time to do this now.

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