Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blog Writing Tips - 1 - Have a Voice

By Christo Fox

1 - Have a Voice
When you are writing a blog it is important to try and imagine you are in a room of highly opinionated, loud and arrogant people. To be heard you must have a unique, distinct and dynamic voice; this is the key to success in the blogworld! Blogs are meant to personal expressions or opinions about a news topic, event or piece of information. People love to read blogs usually because they connect with the blog writer in some way or they have conflicting views about what the blog writer has written.

Anyone can find information on the Internet, it's just a matter of typing in a few keywords on Google and the information will usually present itself in a matter of minutes. However, finding someone's opinion on that piece of information is a lot harder. People who seek blogs are usually highly opinionated and are only looking for a blog to either agree or disagree with it. This is where having a voice is important.

The sole reason people write blogs is to generate activity. If they wanted nobody to read what they had written, they would write the blog offline. The only way to generate activity is to stand out from the millions of bloggers by having a unique voice that can be heard all through the Internet jungle. When writing a blog the best way to distinguish your voice is to either side positively or negatively with whatever you are writing about. The goal here is to make readers either agree or disagree with what you have written. If they do this then chances are they will leave a comment.

When a person comments on your blog, this can often lead to a chain reaction of comments that could potentially catapult your blog into the upper echelons of the blogworld. People will comment back and fourth until the issue is resolved, whatever that issue may be. In fact, it's very common to find a comment writer who has a louder voice then the actual blog writer. This person will usually write a controversial comment that is so powerful it essentially takes over the blog. All comments after this will typically be directed at the comment writer, instead of the blog writer.

Technorati is currently tracking almost 115 million blogs and there are reports of close to 73 million blogs in China alone. In comparison the Australian population only just breaks 20 million. When you are in a crowd of people like this in reality and you want to be heard, the average person typically screams loudly to attract as much attention as possible, but often this doesn't work and just seems to add to the "noise". To really be heard you must project a sense of authority and direction. Some natural born leaders can simply stand up on a chair, in a sea of people, and command their undivided attention, with nothing more then a hand gesture. The point here is that "screaming" in blogs is not the correct way to create a buzz and stir up some activity. Screaming strains your blog voice and will only keep people amused for a limited time. Anyone can write controversial rubbish, stick it up on the Internet and hope for the best, but the trick is doing it in a such a way that it makes you stand out and gives you an online voice that is so clear, it can be identified by the text itself. The good bloggers are so unique they no longer have to put their name on the blog, the writing speaks for itself. People can read a blog and automatically know it was written by their favourite blogger just by the way the blog is structured.

In conclusion...
- When using your blog voice try and side either positively or negatively with what you are writing about. Do not sit in the middle; nobody likes a fence sitter.

- When projecting your blog voice, remember you are actually talking to people. You are not having a conversation with yourself. If you do this correctly, chances are they will comment back and this activity will spark a chain reaction.

- When using your blog voice, do not scream. Nobody likes the loud person who shouts over people. The key here is to build up your voice so that it demands undivided attention. You should be able to get your point across constructively, without shouting.

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