Friday, December 7, 2007

Blogging Advice For New Bloggers

By Tony Pang

When I was a child, the only place I would ever think to put my most private thoughts was in the locked diary that I kept hidden, or at least I think was hidden. Even then, there was much I would not write there for fear that someone would find it. Today, there are many that share those same personal thoughts with the entire world through a blog. This is like an online diary that is accessible by anyone who finds it. Before you begin such an endeavor, you should get some blogging advice.

You can make mistakes when you post in your blog, and that is why blogging advice is so important. You may not think that anyone is reading, but you never know who may stumble upon what you have written in your blog each day. The problem is that you may be putting personal information out there that can be used against you, or you may be telling things about others that they do not wish to be public knowledge. This blogging advice would tell you to keep others out of it, at least in any identifiable way, and to remember anyone could read at any time.

Some of the newest career advice has to do with blogging and just about anything else you may have about yourself online. This includes social networks like Myspace and FaceBook as well. This blogging advice tells you that you should think of your profession when you post. If you are a doctor or a nurse, pictures or stories about your wild party nights are not going to reflect well. Those hiring new people often use search engines online to find out more about those applying. If they find things in your blog that they do not like, you are not going to get the job.

Other types of blogging advice would be to monitor any blogs that your children may have. You can tell them they can not have one, or you can tell them that you must approve what they are writing. This is because children often talk about things that can lead a predator right to your front door, and they don't know that this is what they have done. Blogging advice includes knowing how to keep personal details from being out in cyberspace, and some adults have problems with this. It only makes sense that children need help. Monitor what they do and say for their own safety and your peace of mind. That might be the most important advice on blogging that you can find.

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