Friday, May 30, 2008

6 Easy Tips To Continually Improve Your Blog

By Craig Andrews

While improving your blog may seem like a daunting task, I will show you 6 easy tips that will improve your blog in no time at all. These are just a few of many that can accomplish this task, but are ones that I use to improve my blogs and they will work over and over again.

Comment at related blogs - This is probably the biggest thing you can do to improve and promote your blog. It is very simple. Just make comments on other blogs that are related to yours. When you make a comment, it is standard to leave your name and URL. If you leave a relevant comment, maybe even with some free advice, other readers will visit your blog to see what you are all about.

Write a weekly "best of" post - It is fairly simple to do. Make a weekly post that spotlights the best posts that you have read on other peoples blogs. By linking directly to the post, you create trackback links on other blogs and this will result in new readers to your blog. This is sort of works like a backwards blog comment.

Be sure to link - A very important persona of your blog is the links that you provide. The more link outs you have the more your readers perceive it as more authoritative and valuable. It also shows that you are not trying to hide something and also show that you put credit where credit is due.

Improve your blog's look - Why use the same templates and designs that many other blogs are using? Use a design that is totally different than everyone else and people will remember "that cool looking blog" that they had seen earlier and come back to it. If you can not find a unique template or don't know how to change your design, consider outsourcing to have it done.

Know your readers - Just because you have a blog, don't put yourself on a pedestal above everyone else. Get to know your visitors by responding to their comments, become friends with them and in return they will spread the word about you and your blog.

Create reader friendly content - Make sure that your content speaks to all of your potential audience. Make it entertaining and interesting for all to read. You want your content to be shared, if it reads like a tech manual, readers are going to give up on it let alone share it.

Remember that blogging is supposed to be fun, for you and your readers. I hope this will help you improve your blog and take it to the next level.

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