Thursday, May 29, 2008

Adding Podcasts to Your Blog

By Craig Andrews

When it comes to the evolution of blogging you really have to marvel at the brilliant advances in technology that have been made over the past two years. At one time, blogging involved little more than promoting prose text on the Internet. Now, prose has a little competition and it comes in the form of audio blogging, which is commonly referred to as podcasting.

Podcasting entails recording audio files of spoken commentary so as to create a sort of combination radio broadcast and an audio book version of blogging. Then, the file is placed on the blog itself and anyone who clicks on the podcast link can hear your commentary. Podcasting has grown in popularity in recent years, as many people who are more skilled at delivering the spoken words as opposed to composing prose have jumped on the podcasting bandwagon to present themselves to the huge growing blogosphere audience. In a way, podcasting is becoming a form of Internet radio that is no different from the manner in which radio first debuted many decades ago in the sense that it is all-inclusive and open to anyone who wishes to participate.

While not every blog possesses the ability to podcast there are many that do and the process is relatively easy. Essentially, you use a basic computer microphone to record your words onto an MP3 file. (There are a number of FREE MP3 audio programs available on the net for download) Then, the MP3 file is entered into the podcast function of your blog. If this sounds simple it is because it is! The folks who design all these cool blog formats realize that the success of their format will be based on making accessible to as many people as possible. As such, their podcasting formats are designed as user friendly as possible.

There are a number of benefits to adding a podcast to your blog and the most obvious being that it gives your readers the proverbial "more bang for the buck". That is, podcasting adds a unique new feature to the blog that gives people more reason to check the blog out which means more traffic to your blog which in turn means more potential advertising revenue. There is really nothing to lose by adding podcasting to your blog so why not explore the potential that is has?

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