Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Illustrating Your Blog For Aesthetic Value

By Craig Andrews

Imagine if you were standing 10 feet away from your computer screen and could not read the writing on the blog. Instead, all you could see was a huge page of single spaced text. Can you guess what the blog is about? Would this blog look inviting? Now, imagine performing the same exercise with the only difference being that a cool picture of Spiderman was prominently featured in the middle of the text. Clearly, the addition of this picture makes a huge difference in terms of improving the aesthetic value of the blog and making it much more inviting than it would without.

Let it be known that the quality of the writing of a blog is usually the litmus test of whether or not the blog is a quality one, but sometimes writing needs a little help and it can come in the form of illustrations or graphics. Now, that does not mean that you need to be overly creative. It simply means that adding a few pictures to your blog will do wonders for making it look interesting and inviting.

Adding pictures to a blog can be done the easier way or the even easier way. The easy way involves adding HTML image code where you place the URL of the image (right click on an image you want and copy the image location and then place it into a bracketed code(< >). (It looks something like this: img src="http://ONEGENERICEXAMPLE.jpg") The easier way of doing this is saving the image on your hard drive and then selecting the "add image from your gallery" function that is found on pretty much every blog both free and paid ones.

Now, some may say that illustrating a blog is not important, as there are a number of successful blogs that lack illustrations. Honestly, this is true and the intention here is not to pigeonhole blogs into the notion that only illustrated blogs are of value. It simply points out that illustrations can only improve the look of a blog and anything that can aid in improving a blog certainly is not going to be harmful. So, experimenting with illustrations on your blog is worthwhile. It is not too tough to do and brings with it a host of benefits. Give it a try!

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