Tuesday, November 20, 2007

An Easy Guide to Social Media Marketing

By Bradley Lessard

Social Media Marketing has become a multi-million dollar online business for those wanting to reach a tremendous audience base to sell their products. Sites such as My Space, Facebook, and Friendster are just a few examples of the increasingly popular creations of social media. These sites allow users to create their own personal contents and share them with a network of friends and family.

Understanding the Medium

Through social media, users create their profiles on their own personal home page. Sites such as My Space or Facebook allow the user to post text, videos, and pictures for sharing with others in their network. On other very popular sites such as YouTube and Digg, users can load videos, images, and articles that can attract virtually millions of viewers to these sites. Heavy web traffic is drawn to these types of social media by the extreme interest in the contents found on these pages. In some cases, users are allowed to vote for such things as the best video or image.

Using it to Your Advantage

Social media marketing is when a company promotes their product(s), service(s), or website(s) on the web pages of sites such as Facebook or YouTube. With social media marketing, the promoter can gain perspective traffic through two ways. The first is the huge volumes of primary traffic that frequently visit these sites to find entertainment and keep in touch with friends as well as making new friends. The second is by word of mouth through postings and links on personal pages in Facebook, MySpace, etc. If you can create an interesting and eye catching ad, it is sure to be recognized on these sites. Another distinct advantage is that you can create a link to your company's website through these sites.

An additional benefit to social media marketing is that by advertising on these hugely popular websites, such as My Space, your name and product will be connected to well- respected sites on popular search engines. This can gain you a tremendous competitive edge as well as a large volume of traffic to your site.

Concerned about what type of audience visits these sites? While social media sites are very popular with the younger crowd, it has increasingly grown in popularity with all ages as a means of socializing and for entertainment. These sites are the core areas on the internet that draw the largest in cross population. By advertising through social media marketing, you are guaranteed to reach your target audience as well as gaining a tremendous advantage of expanding your market.

How easy is it to use social media marketing? Very few other arenas are as easy to use as the ones that have already been mentioned. You can create business ads or your own social ad and build a tremendous network of valuable resources. By connecting with people that visit these popular sites on a daily basis, you can grow your business exponentially and gain loyal customers for life. Rarely will you find an easy and faster way to promote your company than through social media marketing.

Brad Lessard is the owner of EbizCommando, an online membership site specializing in helping people develop the fundamental building blocks of a successful internet business.

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