Saturday, December 1, 2007

Niche Blogging - Where The Money Is At

By Bradley Lessard

These days everyone has taken part in blogging; it is a trend that will be sticking around. That is why niche blogging can be so successful. You might think that it sounds really easy, and the idea of working from home makes it even better. Niche blogging, however, is not as simple as sitting down and writing a blog. Anyone can do that. You have to take the time to research the market. What trends seem to be popular at this point in time? Make sure that what you choose to blog about is unique, because you aren't the only person trying to successfully make a profit by trying your hand at niche blogging.

You want to have your blog be seen, not overlooked because there are thousands of blogs similar to yours. Even with an original topic you want your blog to stand out by using information and techniques that allow you to compete with other blogs. Finding a unique topic might seem daunting when you sit down to research. Think about what you are interested in and see how popular those things are in today's market. If you blog about what you like you will sound like an expert on the subject and your blog will sound more interesting than others.

The point of niche blogging is to partner up with an affiliate that has a product that you can link up with your blog topic. Alternately, if you have your own product line to promote, you can blog within your niche for the same results. Essentially, no matter what you choose to promote, you advertise this product in your blog to make money. Once you have your topic and your product, you will be writing an entry each day to develop a readership. Trying to compete with other blogs, especially if they are focusing on the same topic, might be challenging. The first step to getting traffic to your blog is to use keywords, especially keywords that are used a lot in search engines. Find your keyword and make sure that you can build an appealing blog with it.

Making a blog original when others are writing on the same topic might also seem like a challenge. The best thing about niche blogging is that it allows you to scour the market for what people are really interested in, and to make an original blog it is as easy as putting your own spin on it. If you notice that other blogs have used the same information and seem very similar, deviate from that path. Give more information, or focus on what the other blogs didn't focus on.

So you have all of your information ready. You have a great topic, tons of great information and a product to promote. You are ready to make money, but wait, how do you actually set up your blog? It wouldn't make sense to put it on your MySpace page, unless you are famous and your page receives the kind of traffic you need for your blog to succeed. Not all of us are famous, that is why so many individuals are getting involved in niche blogging. To get your blog up on the internet you need to set up a webhosting account that provides you with blogging scripts. You will also need a domain name, which you should be able to purchase when you set up your webhosting account. Be careful when setting up your blog - you want it to be visually appealing so that it supports the text and grabs attention. Niche blogging is an appealing way to make money; you just have to be willing to work for it.

Brad Lessard is the owner of EbizCommando, an online membership site specializing in helping people develop the fundamental building blocks of a successful internet business.

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