Saturday, November 10, 2007

Principles Of Blog SEO

By Craig Andrews

Whether you are writing a blog for the joy of having a large readership or you are looking to earn income from your blog neither will be possible if you have not maximized your blog's search engine optimization (SEO) potential. This is because without proper SEO a blog will be doomed to float in the netherworld of various blogs and websites that receive virtually no hits.

For those not familiar with what blog SEO refers to it means the maximization of a blog's positioning in the search engines. For example, if you were to type the words "horror movie blog" in Google's search engine and hit enter you would see a listing of thousands of horror movie blogs ranked in terms of their popularity at a quantity of ten listings per page. In general, most people do not look past the first 30 entries on the search engine rankings so if your horror movie blog is hovering at 4,445 you probably are not going to receive much traffic. No worries, however, because there are a number of ways in which you can effectively increase your blog's search engine rankings.

The most obvious way of improving your search engine ranking involves link building. That is, you need to greatly expand the number of link that point back to your blog throughout the Internet. This can include trading links, purchasing links, submitting links to website directories, or even leaving links as part of your signature on forums and message boards. In time, if you amass enough links then your placement will continue to rise in the rankings. But, this can all be undone if you select the wrong link name.

For example, if you horror movie blog is entitled "Dave's Mummy Movie Fan Blog" you don't want to name your link "Dave's Mummy Movie Fan Blog" because those are not the common words that people will type when they are looking for horror movie blogs! Instead, you need to name your link "horror movie reviews" or "top horror movies" or simply "horror movie blog". In other words, you want to name your blog's link after the common items that people will plug into a search engine.

Remember, without solid search engine optimization a blog really is not going to gain a lot of traffic. So, build links, build a lot of them, and use a reliable link name. This is a simple plan but it is enormously effective.

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