Friday, November 2, 2007

The Two Most Common Means Of Monetizing Your Blog

By Craig Andrews

The blogosphere has grown dramatically in recent years and this has allowed for millions and millions of dollars in advertising revenue to enter the blogging world. While it is not likely that you will earn millions from your blog (yet) there are two tried and true methods of monetizing your blog that can provide an excellent supplemental income to start and may even turn into a full time living if you work at it hard enough.

Probably the most common means of monetizing a blog involves the employment of "pay per click" (PPC) advertising. What this entails is promoting advertisements on your site that pay you when a reader of your blog clicks on the ad. While you do not make any money from the advertisement if no one clicks on it you can take solace in the fact that the sponsors of such PPC programs are free and easy to sign up with. All the blogger needs to do is simply add the code for the pay per click program onto a blog and the blogger is in business. If you do wish to increase the odds of earning a high rate of return on your click through venture then it would be best to increase the readership of your blog through a variety of search engine optimization tactics. The more people who visit your site the more chances there will be for people to click on the ads presented on this site.

The second most common method people employ to monetize a blog involves affiliate advertising. That is, a blogger places a banner ad on your blog for a retailer such as,, etc and when someone clicks on the banner and makes a purchase the blogger will be paid a percentage of the sale. This is a great way of tying your ads specifically to the content of your blog. For example, if you are a music review site that affiliate banner can prove quite lucrative particularly during the holiday seasons on the year. As with click through ads, affiliate marketing programs are free to join and easy to operate. There's quite a bit of money out there for the entrepreneurial blogger so why not take advantage of the opportunity?

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