Friday, June 20, 2008

Social Networking Meets Blog Networking

By Craig Andrews

The concept of social networking has changed the way people interact with one another. The fact that social networking sites are free and can bring a person in contact with millions of people makes not only a tremendous site for making friends it also provides a great business opportunity for many to promote a product or service. Surprisingly, most social networking sites have no problem with someone promoting a business or service provided they do not violate the terms and service of the site.

If you put together a nice page on Myspace to promote yourself and your blog then people will probably investigate your blog. But, it is important to have a creative Myspace page with lots of unique graphics that truly promote the vibe of your blog. If your Myspace page is super dull that does not speak well of your blog! So, if you are going to use a social networking site to promote your blog you need to make your page exciting and stimulating interest.

There are a number of strategies one could use with a social networking site to promote a blog and here is a relatively simple yet effective method: with Myspace you have the option of adding friends to your network. Simply add as many friends as you can in anyway you can. (There are some folks on the site that have tens of thousands of friends!) With Myspace, you have the option of sending an announcement that appears on the bulletin board of all the people on your friends list. So, when you want to let people know about new updates on your blog you can mention this on your bulletin site and it will be broadcast to all the members on your friend's list. Best of all, this is not considered spamming and there will not be any penalties with such actions as there would be if you used MySpace's email system.

Also, Myspace social networking provides users with Myspace blogs which have the benefits of being fed into Myspace blog feed which can result in A LOT of hits. If you were to write blog entries on Myspace either promoting your blog or simply contained links to your "real blog" you would find using MySpace's blog service very valuable for boosting traffic to your blog.

Actually, all social networking sites have their value and if they are used intelligently they can provide an excellent method for promoting a blog and greatly increases traffic. So, if you haven't already jumped on the social networking bandwagon then you need to!

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